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Surrealist Art Planner

Surrealism is an art form that started in the 1920’s. Some of it’s artists are still popular: Salvador Dali and Joan Miro are still almost household names. Art lovers certainly will have heard of them and have seen (reproductions of) their work. Tribute to their popularity are the art date books made yearly that reproduce some of their fascinating pieces.

Dali Softcover PlannerDali 2014 Softcover Planner

Painter, sculptor, writer and film maker, Salvador Dali (1904 – 1989) was one of the century’s greatest exhibitionists and eccentrics and was rewarded with fierce controversy wherever he went. He was one of the first to apply the insights of Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis to the art of painting. Dali brought extraordinary sensitivity, imagination and concern for precision to bear upon submerged levels of consciousness.

The calendar features 52 surreal paintings plus plenty of space for all of your notes and appointments. Also includes year planners plus all national holidays. Spiral-bound, it opens flat.

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M C Escher Softcover Engagement Planner

Escher’s subtle, humorous explorations of the visually plausible but physically impossible made—and keep—him famous. There are also Escher Calendars that you might enjoy hanging on your office wall.

Dan Bennett Circles 2013 Large PlannerDan Bennett Circles Large Planner
Working in acrylic, Dan Bennett’s paintings have been inspired by the prehistoric symbols found etched onto rocks by wandering mankind of prehistory. Eight of these colorful and unique images are found inside the cover of this Surrealist Art Planner.

Also included is a weekly six language calendar grid, diary pages for note taking, a marker ribbon and inner storage pocket, all held shut and secure by a magnetic fold over flap.

Also available:

Dan Bennett Circles 2013 Pocket PlannerDan Bennett Circles Pocket Planner

B. Kliban Cat Calendar 2014 Hardcover Engagement CalendarB. Kliban Cat Calendar 2014 Softcover Engagement Calendar
B. “Hap” Kliban (1935–1990) connected with cats like no artist before him and his sometimes realistic, often surreal, feline vignettes have delighted his fans worldwide since the 1970s. What’s not to love about cats cooling off in birdbaths, walking through walls, and sailing the seas?

This purrfectly sleek engagement calendar features 53 full-color purrfect images of Kliban’s irrepressible Cats. Includes 57 weekly grids, has a soft cover with flaps and is Wire-O bound.

Kahlo 2014 Softcover Engagement CalendarKahlo Softcover Engagement Calendar
Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907 – 1954) was one of the most important 20th century painters, and one of the few Latin American artists to have achieved a reputation on a Global scale. Kahlo used her mainly small format self-portraits to express the burdens that weighed upon her soul – she suffered unbearable physical pain, grief from Rivera’s occasional affairs, sorrow that she was childless, homesickness while living abroad and a longing to feel that she had put down roots, as well as a profound loneliness.

But Kahlo’s paintings also declare her passionate love for her husband, her own striking sensuousness, and her unwavering survival instinct.

This Planner features a new picture every week, every week a new page.


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