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Adult Advent Calendar 2015

rockwell-adventWhen looking for an Advent calendar to use during the holiday season we often find ones that are geared towards children. But what if you want an adult advent calendar? You may be a single person who has no children but you still want to follow the tradition of your family and celebrate by counting down those days in December to Christmas Day. It might be that you are a couple who are now empty nesters and would rather have a calendar for the Advent Season that is not so childish in its styling. You might also wish to have one that is more about the story of the first Christmas and is more faith based than one designed to delight a child’s view of the holiday. There are advent calendars on the market that will meet what you are looking for. Let me show you a few options to make your shopping a little easier.

adult-advent Away in a Manger Advent Calendar

A very nice choice for an adult advent calendar as it does not involve any little gifts but rather shows the lovely artwork of Bernadette Watts depicting the Holy family on their journey. Each day a flap can be raised showing the progress of Mary and Joseph up to the day that the child is born in Bethlehem. The calendar has no yearly dates on it so it can be used year after year.

 house-advent Woodlands Advent Calendar

I know this does not look like your typical advent calendar and you certainly can not hang it on a wall. It is still a fun and different way to count the days in December that lead up to Christmas Day and it is perfect for adults. Place it on a table and it becomes a part of your decorations. There 24 compartments that hide a different woodland creature in the rustic styled cabin. Each day as you find the next little figure your scene grows. It is not too childish, although when children visit they will probably get just as much of a thrill out of it as the adults do.

 santas-village Bavarian Style Santa’S Visit Advent Calendar With 24 Ornaments

If you would prefer to not have a faith based calendar perhaps this Bavarian styled village scene will appeal to you. It is made of wood and will display nicely on a table or mantle. There are twenty-four little ornaments that can be hidden. Each day of the countdown, you can hang another ornament on the wooden base and by Christmas Day you will have a delightful completed scene of what looks to be a home that Santa will come to visit. Nicely detailed for adults to appreciate.

 rockwell-advent Norman Rockwell’s Advent Calendar

There is nothing quite like the warm feeling we get when looking at the American way of life that Norman Rockwell so vividly created in his art. This wonderful scene shows a main street located somewhere in the imagination of the artist. The cars appear to be from the 1950s and give the feeling of a more innocent time. Each day a flap can be opened to show a smaller image created by Rockwell who was one of the most beloved American artist for many decades. An especially nice choice for collectors of this artists work.

 downtown-christmas Advent Calendar – Downtown Christmas

A wonderful nostalgic scene of the holidays on a busy downtown street. The calendar measures 11 inches by 14 inches and has an image and a verse from Twas the Night Before Christmas hidden under twenty-four little windows within the calendar. A nice way for adults to enjoy counting down the days in December each year.

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